Our Rooms

View our various rooms dedicated to different age ranges from the Tiny Stars (0-1 years) to Bright Stars (3-5 years)

Tiny Stars (0-1 years)

Tiny Stars is where we care for our babies. We take babies from 6 weeks old, the babies usually stay in Tiny Stars until around their 1st birthday.  All staff are fully qualified. Our baby room has a lovely homely feel, there is a large carpeted area for the babies to learn to crawl and walk, and a dining and sleeping area for eating and relaxing.


The babies in Tiny Stars can sleep whenever they need to. There are cots available in the room for the babies to sleep in and we also have a cosy area where the children can fall asleep and relax if they wish to do so.


Babies who are weaning will be introduced to our weaning menu.  Parents are asked to look at the menu before the baby starts to make sure it is suitable for their child.  We do not encourage parents to bring jars of baby food, our meals are made fresh daily.

Mealtimes & Milk Feeds

Meal times in Tiny Stars depends on each individual baby. Parents are asked to bring their own supply of formula milk, and the feeds will be made up when they are needed.

Twinkle Stars (1-2 years)

The babies move into Twinkle Stars when they have outgrown Tiny Stars.  Twinkle Stars caters for children from around 1 year up until around 2 years of age. Twinkle Stars has a large playing area that is carpeted, an area for messy play, and an area for dining.

Meal Times

We have a routine in Twinkle Stars, the children have breakfast, then activities, the children have lunch around 11ish, then have a nap, the activities are prepared, ready for the afternoon, and tea time is around 3pm.


The children in Twinkle Stars usually have a nap after lunch. They all have a little bed and their own bedding.  The bedding is washed on a Friday ready for the week after.

Little Stars (2-3 years)

Little Stars caters for children who have moved up from Twinkle Stars around their 2nd birthday, until the age of about 3 years. We take children who are eligible to receive the 2 year old funding. We can check here at nursery for you if you are eligible for this, if you are eligible, will issue you with a letter and a unique reference number. You must bring this letter to nursery in order for us to claim your funding.

Meal Times

Little Stars have their own dining room for their meals. Meal times are encouraged to be a social time, where the staff eat with the children, encouraging use of cutlery and quiet conversations.


Some children in Little Stars still require a sleep. We have a special sleep room situated on the first floor. This a quiet room where the children can have a nap, or sit quietly and read a book, away from the busy play room.


The children are involved a lots of activities, including lots of messy and tactile activities. We do provide aprons for the children, but sometimes when they just want to play, they ‘forget’ to put an apron on, and just don’t want to be interrupted.  So please do not bring your child in their best clothes, anything you don’t mind getting a little mucky is great


The children will have their breakfast around 8.00am, then activities, songs and stories, lunch time is 11.00am, the children who need a nap or quiet time will then go upstairs, the children who are happy to play will stay in the play room, activities for the afternoon and tea around 4pm.

Bright Stars (3-5 years)

Bright Stars is situated on the first floor. Bright Stars consists of 2 main play rooms, a story room and their own individual dining room. The children are aged between 3 and 5. All children aged 3 are entitled to receive 15 hours of free education from the term after their 3rd birthday. Additional hours and meals will be charged for.  Some children may be eligible for 30 hours funding please contact nursery to discuss this.

The children in Bright Stars will need to have a pair of wellington boots, a raincoat and a juice cup, all clearly marked with their name, and to be left at nursery. The children will be involved in lots of messy activities, so please don’t send your child in their best clothes.

Holiday Club

Holiday Club is situated on the first floor next to Bright Stars. The Children are aged between 5 and 12. Children are required to bring a pack lunch with them for their lunch and they are given snacks and Tea included in the price. The children enjoy weekly trips such as going to the park, cinema, trampoline parks and a lot more. The children have a range of free flow activities out. They will be involved in a lot of messy activities, so please don’t send children in their best clothes.